Scan it Yourself; We'll do the Rest

Years ago, I had a friend of mine, Warden Minor, who was always on the vanguard of technology.  He had a personal computer (Apple II) long before anyone else did.  When the Palm PDA came out, he was one of the first to have one and encouraged me to do the same. And then one day he called me and said, “I have the best toy of all.  It is called a scanner, and all it cost me was $940.

The next several minutes were spent explaining to me, Mr. Slow-on-the-Uptake, why a scanner is not a copier, and why it is better – mainly because it could take an image and save it into his personal computer to be used later.  Sounded okay, but $940? 

You can finish the rest of the story for me.  It wasn’t long before office supply stores practically gave away the copier / printer / scanner / fax machines just so they could sell you the ink that costs more per ounce than Chanel No. 5.  That is pretty much how it is today. You likely have a scanner with the printer you use daily and have seldom, if ever, used your machine as a scanner. 

But that scanner feature is still pretty cool, because even on a cheap model, it has the ability to scan in color, and up to 600 dpi.  Some scanners even do a lot better than that!

What does that have to do with me, your nautical chart wallpaper purveyor, who has been creating nautical murals for the past 13 years?  Actually quite a bit!

Besides nautically–themed walls, we have incredible experience at making custom murals from professional-grade wall coverings.  So if you are a land-loving person who stays away from all bodies of water, we still might have something for you. 

Let’s say you are a bit of an artist, or artisan, and you have created a masterpiece on an 8 ½“x 11” canvas, paper, whatever.  But you would like to have this work of art larger – much larger!  This is where we can help.  If you, on your own home copier / printer/ scanner, can scan a pdf file, in color at 600 dpi, we can take that image and make it large enough to fit a wall or any size you like.

That’s it! You create it, you scan it with the specs above and send the file to us at Call us at 801-367-7945 and we’ll explain how very easy sending such a large file is to do. 

Maybe now is the time to give your masterpiece, a master-sizing!