Putting the "art" in Chart

I have always loved the paintings of northwest artist Betty Vestuto and Salina Kalnins. Both artists begin with a nautical chart and paint a seascape onto the chart, leaving much of the chart visible in the painting.  My favorite is Betty Vestuto’s painting of a sailboat running with the wind by Deception pass which she painted over the NOAA Chart of the San Juan Islands. I would show it here except that there are copyright issues, but she is easy to find on the Internet if you want to check out her work.

This type of art gave me an idea, which my graphic specialist Kathryn Tyler tried by combining a photograph of me sailing my 26’ Balboa sailboat “Carpe Diem.”  As you can see, she made it a bit humorous, with me going aground into a land mass somewhere in Northeastern waters.

I’m thinking that sailors who want to see their sailboats captured in a nautical chart of their favorite sailing waters might enjoy a similar design on their walls.

We have all the NOAA nautical charts you could want, but to make a similar picture to this one, you will need a great, high-quality photograph of your boat.  Don’t worry about the background; we can digitally remove it and place your boat wherever you want on your favorite nautical chart.

All that remains to do then is to give us the measurements for your wall, and we’ll do the rest in preparing this image for printing into professional-grade wall covering.

Are you “on board” with this idea?

Give us a call and we will discuss the possibilities.