Meet The CREW

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"Skipper" Steve Morris has been sailing for 50 years. Whenever Skipper's sailor friends used to talk about their sailing adventures, it was not unusual for them to grab a chart, unroll it to a certain island or waterway, and tell a story of what happened during a particular voyage. As Skipper realized that nautical charts are used for navigating stories as well as passageways, the idea of nautical chart murals came naturally. What better place to tell a tale of the sea than in one's own home or office than with a beautiful nautical chart mural as the visual aid!

When Skipper is not working on murals, you can find him sailing Esprit de Coeur, his Erickson 27' on Lake Coeur d’Alene. In 2013, he moved to the Coeur d'Alene area of Northern Idaho with his wife Linda.  Steve continues his work on nautical chart murals, and will add some interesting new ideas to Nautical Chart Wallpaper in the weeks to come. 

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Linda Morris, Skipper Steve's wife, studied Interior Design in college. Linda's career has been centered in real estate as an agent and a broker. Her real estate work has been enhanced with her marketing skills such as staging homes and helping sellers prepare their properties for presentation to buyers. She has been a certified accredited staging professional (ASP) and a Realtor®. 

Her role with the company is marketing Nautical Chart Wallpaper to design professionals.

Kathryn Tyler is a computer-savvy professional who has tremendous expertise in graphic software.


When she is not working at the Marriott School of Business or managing her own properties, Kathryn helps prepare nautical chart images for the mural printing process by correcting errors, or sometimes changing the entire color scheme of a chart to fit a certain décor.

Kathryn also has an interest in carpentry and design.  She specializes in wood creations including driftwood. Her web page features her wood sculptures and unique nautical gifts - some involving nautical charts.