i had the craziest dream . . .

Maybe I think way too much about nautical chart wallpaper murals.  Or murals made from a client’s picture. Or a client’s art made into a mural.  But a blank wall is all I need to start thinking.

Now it has gotten worse; I’ve started to actually dream about wall murals.

And two nights ago, I had the craziest dream.  In my dream I was looking for a mural in a mall and there was a store that sold the most colorful, realistic, murals of an old English ship with three masts, complete with sails and nautical flags sailing over a Prussian Blue sky.  It looked so real that I walked up to it and discovered that it was printed on a surface that was not flat but had features to make the hull, the masts and the sails stand out from the background. I saw other murals too, cityscapes, landscapes, even a Jurassic theme with the same three-dimensional effect.

Then I woke up, and realized that 3-D murals are impossible.  Or are they?

In the guest room of our home, we have decorated it with scenes from New York and San Francisco, some of our favorite cities in the US.  One small picture I have hung there is, in fact, 3-D.

I show this picture at an angle so that you can see how I works.  The picture was simply printed several times and the buildings and the Statue of Liberty in the foreground were cut out and mounted toward the viewer.  As you move by the picture, Lady Liberty and other buildings seem to move in front of the background as you would expect if you were actually viewing the same scene in real life.

So back to my dream.  Could the same thing happen with a mural?  I’m thinking it could.  A simple approach would be to print the mural twice, mounting one copy on the wall.  In the other copy, key elements in the foreground could be cut out and mounted on foam core, then glued over the same object on the wall. Even a half-inch to one inch of foam core would create enough of an effect to give the mural a 3-D look to it.

But I have never seen a mural like that.  Have you?  Let me know.  Better yet, if you want to try it in your home or office, I’m willing to make a serious discount on the production to make it worthwhile for you.

Some dreams come true; this one could be fun.