You Loved the Mural, Now Read the Book!

Bunkhouse - holds book.PNG

As you know, loyal reader, we have been creating Nautical Chart Wallpaper for nigh unto two decades. When we began, it started slowly. But soon, our nautical chart murals began to appear in people’s homes and offices, and that brought some referrals to us. Later on, we found our way into restaurants, hotels, bars, marinas, and people asked who did their mural, and later contacted us.

But in the last two years, we have appeared in magazines such as Southern Living, Country Living, Ocean Navigator, and other magazines.

Bunkhouse - Doublespread - Big.PNG

Now, for the first time,, we have appeared in a book! The book is by Lauren Liess, who worked with us on a project in Chesapeake Bay. Her clients were a young family with a love for the outdoors. For the children, they wanted to have a major redecoration of their bunkhouse and have it done in nautical charts of the Chesapeake Bay area where the family loved to fish, boat, and enjoy being outside.

Bunkhouse - bunks.PNG

We worked with Lauren and Melissa Colgan in laying out the design, then creating it to precisely work in their home. You can see our work on pp 190 - 193. More details about this room are found on p 193, and generous acknowledgements and project details are found on page 197. A great external view of the home can be seen on pp 156, 157.


She entitled this subsection of her Nature Chapter, “Quirky Cool.”

I think you will agree that this is a great name for this section.

Now if you have never bought a book on interior design, you owe it to yourself to get this one. Lauren is an extremely talented decorator, and I promise that you will learn much that will show up in your home someday. The price is $40 at good bookstores, but you can get it on Amazon for $34.40. And if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free to your doorstep.

But if you are anxious to start on your decorating project text or call us at 801-367-7945 and we will get the mural portion underway!

Here's a "Team Sport": Interior Design with Nautical Chart Walllpaper

One of our most magnificent projects has been an entertainment room in the basement of Kristin Paton’s client’s home. Working with Becky Bratt and Kristin, we worked for weeks together to achieve nautical chart wallpaper mural greatness!

A Nautical Chart Wallpaper Mural sets the mood for this nautical family room.

A Nautical Chart Wallpaper Mural sets the mood for this nautical family room.

This project had five walls to cover with Nautical Chart Wallpaper.

This project had five walls to cover with Nautical Chart Wallpaper.

This job is a great example of how interior designers work with us. They provided elevations of this room, and in the elevations, areas were laid out for the television, wet bar, refrigerator, stairwells, etc. For example, a key area, Morris Island, was to be visible in the bar area and the mural was to bend around the wall to the left. The problem was that the chart ended before the wall could wrap properly, so we needed to stitch one chart to another flawlessly.

For the television, we needed to have the shoreline of Cape Cod just a bit above the top of the television screen. Magnification of all the charts on all five walls had to be the same.

Ideas were submitted, ideas were rejected, and the process repeated a few times until the layout achieved perfection from the client’s perspective.

The southeast corner of Cape Cod makes a lovely backdrop for this bar area.

The southeast corner of Cape Cod makes a lovely backdrop for this bar area.

Now it was the interior designer’s turn to purchase sofas, chairs, tables, and other nautical decor items to complete the mood. The results are, as you can see, breathtaking.

We often work directly with clients to create our famous custom-made nautical chart wallpaper, but if budget allows, you can see what symbiotic excellence can be had by having superb designers on the decorating team such as Kirstin Paton Interiors and Becky Bratt to bring your room together beautifully!

Pleasantly Distracting Dental Patients in A Waiting Room

We have all been there. Sooner or later you have to go to the dentist for a drill and fill, maybe even — dare I say it — a root canal!

Patients of Dr. Jon Wendell’s now can get an eye-full of nautical chart wallpaper in the pediatric dentistry waiting room on this gorgeous three-wall, wrap-around mural.

Wendell 3.PNG

The subject of the Nautical Chart Mural is a chart of the Coast and a nautical map of the area where the dental office is located. What you cannot see from the mural in the second photo is the work we did to remove a map inset from the chart and, using satellite photography, create roads in place of the missing inset.

Wendell 1.PNG

You don’t get this level of work from any of our competitors, we must modestly assert!

Notice too, that all the mural is installed above the chair rail. This is a very practical approach in a room where chairs are often moved around. No matter what, the mural is protected from scuffs and other patient activity in a very busy waiting room.

Wendell 2.PNG

So often we think of our homes for logical places for nautical chart wallpaper and map wallpaper. But as you can see, the office is a splendid locale for our work.

How about you? How about replacing some of the pictures on your wall with a magnificent mural?

Just call or text us at 801-367-7945 and let’s make your waiting room worth waiting in!

"Ocean Navigator" Navigates its way to Nautical Chart Wallpaper

ON - Skip and ON Mag.PNG

Lately we have been getting some great publicity from magazines. The latest is an excellent article written by Casey Conley for Ocean Navigator, in the September/October 2019 issue.

Ocean Navigator is an excellent magazine published out of Portland, Maine. Their target audience are sailors with plans for global voyaging and their magazine is replete with articles on weather, celestial navigation, new marine products, and stories from sailors underway in their blue-water quests.

ON - Article.PNG

In short, sailing across the ocean pits the sailor and sailboat against the ocean, weather, and elements that cannot be predicted in an ocean crossing. Ocean Navigator helps the sailor level the playing field. I recommend it to sailors who are about to cast off on their voyage or those who are still in the “thinking-about-it” stage.

Anyway, their article details the history of Nautical Chart Wallpaper, how it came to be, and how to contact us for information on creating your own nautical chart mural.

Many thanks, Ocean Navigator!

Navigate your way to our page by going to or by texting or calling us at 801-367-7945.

Country Living? We're Country Loving it!

Our thanks to Jenny Wolf Interiors for submitting this article to Country Living Magazine.

Our thanks to Jenny Wolf Interiors for submitting this article to Country Living Magazine.

We are delighted to let our readers know that we are mentioned in Country Living Magazine, June 2019 issue.

The entry was courtesy of Jenny Wolf Interiors with whom we have worked to make this spectacular Rhode Island powder room possible.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to get your copy of Country Living today at your favorite bookstore or newsstand.

We love that our interior designers take the time to show off their work, as well as ours! Most of all, we enjoy seeing how a simple design of Nautical Chart Wallpaper or a map wall covering can bring a wall to life and tie in with all the decorating our designers and individuals place in their homes and offices.

Want to make your walls magazine worthy? Contact us by text or phone call at 801-367-7945 and let’s start talking about your decorating ideas and how our custom-made wallpaper murals can really help complete your picture and project in an eye-captivating way.

Our costs are reasonable, and our quality is superb!

Maps are Getting Hot!

While we are still hip-deep in nautical charts, our social media research indicates that “maps” is the most-used search term in finding our website. This is interesting as we are pretty good about using “charts” as our description, not “maps.”

Yet, even when using “maps” to find us, somehow our clients find us.

So maybe we should look at maps a little closer. As we do so, we find some pretty spectacular maps.

Here’s an old map of Syria that caught our eye. Note the woodcut effect on the water portions and the antique fonts.

Photo by    Annie Spratt    on    Unsplash

Check out old city maps. The older the map, the more interesting the maps look. Be sure to look for double line streets and older fonts as they really add to a map’s appearance and look even better when we produce it as a Nautical Chart Wallpaper mural — whether or not a nautical chart is actually used.

If you want a small concentration of a city map, find a library with an excellent collection of city maps, maybe even old firehouse maps. Often the librarian can help you get an excellent reproduction of the map you find interesting.

Also, when you think about it, a map is a bird’s eye view of a given area, reproduced in map form. But why not make your “map” an actual aerial photo of a given area.

Photo by  Kevin B Leigh  on  Unsplash

Here, for example is an aerial photo of Kilkenny Castle, in Kilkenny, Ireland and the surrounding river and streets. You don’t have to charter a plane for shots like these. All of the pictures in today’s news article were courtesy of and the photographers there generously donate their photos for you to use for any purpose for whatever reason — including making them into murals! We always like to give the photographer credit as we have done here. But the photos are amazing and you should check them out for maps, aerial photos, and ideas for a mural.

So whether it is a map or a nautical chart, or favorite photograph, just remember us and we will take your image and print it on the top-of-the-line wall covering, complete with vinyl surface (but a matte finish so it is not shiny) . The result is a spectacular mural with a washable surface.

Call or text us at 801-367-7945 and let’s discuss how we can make your map or chart idea come to life on your favorite wall!

Charts versus Maps: What's the Difference?

Ask a sailor to show you a “map"“ of his favorite sailing area, and you might be asked to walk the plank! If it’s a waterway, it is called a chart, not a map. But why? What’s the difference?

Maps and charts have something in common. They show where you are and also where you want to go.

Maps will accomplish this with colored lines representing highways, toll ways, avenues, and side streets.

A little map study. Photo by    Leio McLaren (@leiomclaren)    on    Unsplash

A little map study. Photo by Leio McLaren (@leiomclaren) on Unsplash

To better understand charts, remember the scene at the very end of Back to the Future where Doc Brown tells Marty: “Roads? Where we are going we don’t need roads!”

Doc Brown’s closing sentence could be applied to charts. Charts don’t have roads because there are no roads on the ocean. So how can they help a sailor reach a destination? Charts have a wealth of information that will help navigate the way to a safe harbor. For example, is the water deep enough to keep from being grounded? The prudent sailor will note the frequent use of fathoms represented by numbers throughout the chart. Each number can be multiplied by six and that is the depth of the water at average low tide. Direction to the destination is available by compass roses. Parallel rulers can indicate a direct course to the destination, then “walking” the rulers over to the compass rose, the mariner can read either a magnetic heading or true heading to the objective. The chart will also show any hazards that should be avoided. In short, there are no roads, but you are the one who will create a path on the water.

But back to map or chart murals. We actually do both. While we have dedicated our efforts to nautical chart wallpaper, that isn’t to say that we don’t do road maps. If you have a good idea of a road map as a mural subject, then by all means, let’s talk and see if we can make it happen for you.

A Nautical Chart Chart or Map brightens any room, such as this one Massachusetts.

A Nautical Chart Chart or Map brightens any room, such as this one Massachusetts.

To begin with, if you have a road atlas, pick out the page or pages you want on your wall and either mail it to us (see our mailing address on the Contact Page, lower left corner OR scan the map on your printer / scanner at a high resolution then send it to us via, a free service for sending large files. Use our “” address to send your file(s).

So will it be a map or a chart? In any case contact us by phone or text: 801-367-7945. or complete your inquiry use the form on the contact page. Include your wall measurements to help us help you.

Let’s talk soon!

Tips For Giving a Mural -- No Surprises

Somewhere along our societal developmental path, we discovered that it was fun to give a loved one a gift. Who doesn’t welcome a gift? I’ve been loving receiving gifts for as long as I can remember. When I got a bit older, I learned that giving a gift was almost as fun as getting one.

But then, a dangerous concept got into the giving mix, which is: Giving is good. And surprising someone with a gift is even better. Not so fast!

In the “Captain’s Paradise” on the DIY Network, Marnie Oursler opens the box of nautical chart mural panels, and plans out the installation onto the living room wall.

In the “Captain’s Paradise” on the DIY Network, Marnie Oursler opens the box of nautical chart mural panels, and plans out the installation onto the living room wall.

Surprise gifts, especially expensive gifts can be an expensive and a very sad mistake. Over the 16 years of creating murals I’ve had my share of success with the gift of murals, but recently I had a mural ordered as a surprise and the spouse of the giver, was not happy about getting it and there was nothing that could be done to make him happy.

Similar stories have happened to us so now we have a two-step approval process that helps with design and quality control.

Since this sad experience, we have changed our policy about gifts. We will not do surprise gifts with the person ordering the gift of a mural, period. Now, if they want to still do a gift, we need to know the name of the gift recipient and include their name on the signature approval line. No surprises, no unhappy clients..

The Captain is surprised at his nautical chart wallpaper. Fortunately, this time, the surprise worked!

The Captain is surprised at his nautical chart wallpaper. Fortunately, this time, the surprise worked!


Quality work is the best policy to avoid a return. We have a layout approval process, then payment, then a printer’s file approval, including a magnification study to show how it will appear on the wall.

Finally we send the approval form with some new stipulations. Please read it all, and either let us know what needs to be fixed, or electronically sign the approval document.

After all that, the only reason to return a mural is a printer’s flaw, which must be reported within 30 days of receiving the mural. If we judge the return to be justified, we will require that the customer return the old mural to us, paying for the shipping fee.

If that sounds harsh, it is just that we do not wish to provide our clients with two murals after they paid for one. Sadly, the “double mural tactic” has happened to us more than once.

We still want to help you have the best nautical chart wallpaper mural possible. Tell us your ideas and we will show you how you can best implement them in your imaginative, excellent mural.

Pick up your smartphone, then call or text us at 801-367-7945.

Now let’s talk about a gift . . .

Designer Workshop: Selling your Client

A challenge for interior designers is to communicate how a feature such as Nautical Chart Wallpaper will look on a wall. Here is how you can help us help you do just that.

The waiting room. Needs to be brighter don’t you think?

The waiting room. Needs to be brighter don’t you think?

You will need your smartphone and a tape measure.

Stand in front of the wall onto which you want your mural, turn your smartphone sideways, and after centering your camera as much as possible, take a picture or two.

You can email this picture to or text the picture to 801-367-7945.

Next, using your tape measure (don’t take the word of blueprints or the clients), find the height and width of the mural area and text or email that information to me using the contact information in the previous paragraph.

Next we make the wall transparent. We made the six pictures transparent too.

Next we make the wall transparent. We made the six pictures transparent too.

What I will do is take your photo and using our graphic software, I’ll create whatever image you want into the wall. I’ll email that new image to you and can paste the image into a short presentation piece for your client to see, including pricing if you like.

Pricing is easy to figure. All our murals require a $170 set up and printing prep fee. To that, add $10 per square foot.

The formula for square feet is: Height in inches X Width in inches ÷ 144 = square feet.

Here is an example of a presentation I recently made myself. My dentist’s office has a waiting room with pictures of aspen trees in several small frames. I took a picture of the wall and dropped a bright, cheerful picture of aspens in the fall with their yellow leaves. Needless to say, it made for a colorful presentation.

Ta-Da! Now waiting for your dentist is as restful as a walk in the woods!

Ta-Da! Now waiting for your dentist is as restful as a walk in the woods!

Finally here is a tip on how to obtain quality, high-resolution photos that can be used for murals at no royalty charge. Go to: . You can find just about any picture you like. Send us the link for your photo and we will be delighted to make your unsplash image into wallpaper for you or your clients.

Want more details? Call or text me anytime at 801-367-7945, or email to:

Stair-well Done!

When I ask a client what walls are they considering for a mural, more often than not, a wall that is wider than it is tall comes to mind.


But tall walls can be spectacular too.

Pat Custis Fisher had that in mind when she and I designed her tall stairwell for Delaware Bay. If this mural seems familiar to you, loyal reader of my NEWS, you are right. Back in December 22, 2018 I did an article, “Don’t Look at the Fine Print” about how you can get rid of some text and insert a picture into the mural.

For Pat’s mural, we added a tall ship to her mujral in place of some small text that wasn’t important to her. You can see the tall ship hanging out in the upper right-hand corner. For more details, click on the link above.

As for style points, note that Pat’s octagonal window is reflected in the octagonal shape of her lamp, albeit her lamp is more stretched.

So what tall walls are neglected in your home or office? What forgotten wall is waiting to be discovered with a nice mural to brighten a dark corner? There are many excellent views of a chart that can be used to create a mural.

Just think “tall” and then give us a call!

New Jersey in the bath? "Shore e'nuff"

NJS Bath 2.PNG

When Lisa Cochran Nei contacted us about a New Jersey Shore theme in her bathroom, we were delighted. The chart of the New Jersey Shore takes some interesting turns with tidal flats, a splendid beach, Atlantic City, and cool bays.

Best of all, the Nei’s were using wainscoting in their bathroom which meant that we could get more area into the bathroom with a nice height-to-width ratio. In short, the chart subject was perfect for the room!

I just got these picture from Lisa, and wanted to show you how a simple bathroom becomes spectacular with nautical chart wallpaper.

NJS Bath 1.PNG

One hint I give all my clients is to get a good, paperhanger with commercial experience. You can see the results of quality in the tiny nooks an crannies of the bathroom when a paperhanger knows how to do a professional job. Check out the paper tucked into the door frame and adjoining wall, for example.

We did a bit of graphic work to make this perfect for the Nei’s and it paid off.

These days there are plenty of so-called wallpaper designers who simply crop and image and print it on low quality paper.

Not Nautical Chart Wallpaper. Your mural will be printed on the highest professional grade wall covering, in a washable surface.

NJS Bath 3.PNG

Give us a call or text us at 801-367-7945 and let us know about your project. We would love to make your mural project unforgettable!

Kudos to Kerry!

I love to get photos from my clients! I always ask for pictures, but I know how it goes.

You get your beautiful Nautical Chart Wallpaper on your porch, get the wallpaper hanger over pronto, and get it up right away. Then, after basking in your nautical glory you invite your friends over to be amazed at your decorating acumen!

With your ears filled with your friends astonished accolades, you bid them goodnight, take another look at your mural, then have the best sleep in years — and forget all about me!

I get it, really I do!

Kerry Sullivan - Bathroom.PNG

But every now and then, one of my clients remembers me and sends some pictures that take my own breath away. Such is the case with Kerry Sullivan, who recently mailed me a picture of her washbasin alcove, complete with a mirror framed with driftwood. Now THAT’S a fine bathroom theme!


I’m predicting a very healthy year for everyone in the Sullivan family because they all will be frequently washing their hands while gazing at their nautical chart mural. Family members will find themselves spending more time at the sink, languorously, yet lethally washing cold and flu bugs down the drain.

Such are the health benefits of basking in the colorful luxury of the sink and the beautiful wallpaper mural surrounding it!

And now to answer your unspoken question: Yes, you can have a spectacular effect with your home decor by ordering a splendid wallpaper mural from us. Don’t forget, we do other types of murals too! We reward your imagination with magnificent wallpaper murals.

Call or text us at 801-367-7945 and we’ll put your imagination to work today!

A new home for a well-known fisherman

The big news around here is my grandson Tim “Timberwolf” Major got a job at the local grocery store. On his first day he saw a cardboard stand-up display in the cardboard bundling area waiting for recycling. Knowing his gran’dad (me) would get a kick out of it, he asked the manager if he could take it home with him.

My San Juan Island mural before . . .

My San Juan Island mural before . . .

So the next thing I see when Timberwolf walks in my door is a full-size, yellow slicker adorned fisherman sailing into the breeze with his huge hands on the ship’s wheel.

I was delighted!

“Dee Dee, said you might not want this,” he said upon entering my office.

“Nonsense, I’ve just the place for him!”

.  . . and after the Gorton’s Fisherman finds new waters in which to sail.

. . . and after the Gorton’s Fisherman finds new waters in which to sail.

And now - for a little while at least - I have the Gorton’s Fisherman in front of my San Juan Island mural off in search of the Pacific waters for a change. Instead of Atlantic Cod, he is in search of Dungeness Crab, or maybe Coho Salmon.

But there is a point to be made here. Once you have a magnificent nautical chart wallpaper mural from us, almost anything looks good with it! Lobster buoys, Japanese glass floats, pictures of your favorite beach all look better with our nautical chart murals as a backdrop.

So get your order in today! You’ll never know what your grandkids might bring by to enhance your sea-going theme.

Call or text us at 801-367-7945.

A case for gray

Ask any photography buff who is their favorite photographer, and the name Ansel Adams will come up. But follow up with a question of “which color photo of Ansel Adams is your favorite?” You will be stared at as if worms are coming out of your ears.

As we all know, Ansel Adams is famous for his black and white photos of Yosemite, and the total range of light, from absolute black to absolute white — and wonderful grays in between! His photos elicited the best emotions, and made a strong case for conservation of this beautiful park.

But black and white — grayscale, actually, is a choice that you can have for your mural at no extra charge. The effect can be quite dramatic. Consider this recent mural by Richard Byers for the hallway of his home:

The gray scale reflects the treatment in the floor, the trim and the doors in the Byer’s hallway.

The gray scale reflects the treatment in the floor, the trim and the doors in the Byer’s hallway.

As you can see, the “wow factor” is not diminished by the gray scale.

And here is a sneak peek at a photo that is going to be in a Bar Harbor hotel lobby. The photo is of the founders of Acadia National Park in Maine. Wait to you see what they will do with the mural in a future NEWS article on this website.

Historic photo of the founders of Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, Maine.

Historic photo of the founders of Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, Maine.

Take-home message of this article? You don’t have to be Ansel Adams nor ancient of days to “go gray.”

What you DO need is Nautical Chart Wallpaper to make those grays come alive on your wall. Give us a call or a text at 801-367-7945 and we will help you explore your mural options today.!

Measure twice, Cut Once . . . Oops!

Oops! That’s a word you don’t want to hear from your surgeon, or in our case, from a client.

Seriously, we do encourage our clients to measure CAREFULLY, even to the fraction of an inch. And then we add a few inches to height and width to make sure your have plenty of paper.

Even so, in the last couple of months we have had two “oops” calls, and what do I do now that the paper is up and the mural is short in height or width? Can’t we just reprint more?

Border strips come in a variety of widths and are easily purchased online from a variety of vendors.

Border strips come in a variety of widths and are easily purchased online from a variety of vendors.

The problem with that is subtle changes in color often take place in a second printing and the mistake really shows up. What can be done?

Well, there are a few low-cost solutions that will work. I’ll list them in order of ease and effectiveness.

Often a border in a similar shade as the beige land works well in covering a shortfall.

Often a border in a similar shade as the beige land works well in covering a shortfall.

  1. If you are short in the height dimension, you could order some wallpaper border strips. You can find these in all kinds of colors that would look good with your mural, and some have nautical designs that could work. I’ve listed a few here with a link to the source if you are interested. That is probably the best way to fix up a mural that is too short. You could even order enough to frame the entire mural if you like.

  2. You could cut some hardwood baseboard and with a mitre box and saw, “frame” the mural as if it is a large piece of artwork (which it is). Some baseboards look like picture frames, so this is a workable option.

  3. Paint. Yep, good old paint, but make sure you are not trying to match the mural colors exactly, as getting a good match is hard to do. But if you are feeling courageous and want to give matching a try, please check out my article on matching paint color with the ColorSnap from Sherwin-Williams. It will be the best $58 you will spend, and will help you choose a color that will be close match to the mural colors.

ColorSnap by Sherwin-Williams is a great tool for matching colors.

ColorSnap by Sherwin-Williams is a great tool for matching colors.

But it is a new year! Let’s pledge to avoid the oops from now on! Measure your wall — twice — and give us a call at 801-367-7945 and we will be delighted to help you with an “oops-free” mural idea for your home or office.

Nautical Chart Wallpaper on the "Marnie Marathon," February 8, 2019, in the morning!


In case you missed it on DIY Television “Big Beach Builds” is coming back in a marathon viewing on February 8th!

Captain’s Paradise, Season 1, Episode 4 features our Nautical Chart Mural.

Be sure to set your DVR’s, Tevo’s, and other TV recording devices to the DIY Network at 11:00 am Eastern, 10:00 am Central, 9:00 am Mountain, and 8:00 am Pacific for that particular episode.

If you would like to read our news article about the broadcast that was first aired in 2017, click here:

Marnie and paperhanger spread paper.PNG

The best part of the show is seeing the expression on the captain’s face when he first sees his wall covered with a giant nautical chart. Priceless!

Marne Oursler, the star of Big Beach Builds, is an amazing decorator AND carpenter. She is the fifth generation of a family of builders in the Delaware Beach area. She really understands beach living and interior design.

Marnie and the Captain see the wall.PNG

Check into the Captain’s Paradise, and prepare to get excited about nautical decorating — including a nautical chart mural!

Then call or text us at 801-367-7945 to plan out what nautical chart will look magnificent on YOUR wall!

A Pinterest Private Sale

Last year we gave a discount to those who installed our mural in a public place. The “public place” promotion was quite successful and we nearly doubled the public places like restaurants, hotels — anywhere where the public can go to see our nautical chart wallpaper up on a nice wall!

Pinterest Logo.PNG

This time we have a special for all for our Piinterest followers. It works like this. If you follow us on Pinterest AND allow us to send you an occasional message, you are eligible for our promotion.

So let’s say you see one of our charts or perhaps a Pinterest posting that you like and choose to share with others on Pinterest.

If one of your followers or referrals purchases a wallpaper chart mural from us, we will send you a check for $50.

Whenever we receive an order in 2019, we will ask if they were referred by anyone on Pinterest. If we see your name as a follower AND you allow messaging, we will send you a $50 check as soon as the mural has been ordered and delivered.

But you also need to be sure to allow us to send you a message. Here is how you can tell.

Pinterest Promotion 1.PNG

Right now, out of 92 “followers” only 62 have their Pinterest Message enabled.

Not sure if you allow messaging on Pinterest? Ask someone who follows you on Pinterest to open their program and click on your picture under their “following” area. They should see something like the illustration above. Look for the top right-hand corner and see if you have the two boxes visible. The first box says “Message” and the second says either “Unfollow” or “Follow.” Your left box should read Message, which means we can inform you when you have $50 coming your way, and you can, in turn, privately let us know to what address we should mail your check.

We leave it up to you to figure out how to allow the Message Box to appear on your Pinterest account, as it seems to vary depending on if you are using an Android, iPhone, Laptop or Desktop computer. But don’t despair! There are a number of YouTube videos to help you.

My grandmother used to say, “It is nice to have a little “pin money” in my purse.” Well, Grandma, this year we are all about trying to get a little PINterest money in your purse.

Map Wallpaper - A Hot Trend for 2019

As we look at current trends, it appears that “map wallpaper” is a strong trend for 2019. This means ALL kinds of maps, such as road maps, trail maps, nautical charts, weather maps, air charts, etc.

CDA River Topo.JPG

In 2004 we started our business with just nautical chart wallpaper murals, but since then, we have done just about any kind of map wallpaper you can imagine.

Map air.PNG

Think about it. If you are a pilot, you would really want an aeronautical chart in your den for a map wallpaper mural.

For a sailor, the nautical chart wallpaper is still popular, but a hiker would love to have a topographical map of her favorite hiking area.

Semiahmoo Golf Course Mural Wall 1.PNG

And what car enthusiast can resist having Route 66 covering the walls of their workshop! We can even add you and your car into the map if you like.

Golfers are the exception. They may not be fond of map wallpaper, but they have a hard time resisting a satellite view of their favorite golf course.

So how about you? What kind of map would you like to see on a mural in your home or office?

Text or call us at 801-367-7945 and we will “map” out a strategy for you!

Show off Your Mural in the Gallery

We are pleased to announce a new feature in our webpage, the Gallery.

Gallery Close Up Hand.PNG

Here is a place where you can share your mural with others and help others get great ideas of how they can use nautical chart wallpaper murals to beautify their home or office with nautical excellence.

Within the Gallery you can see murals we did from around the world and in a variety of ways.

To participate, simply take your smartphone and take a picture of your mural wall with good lighting and text the picture to us. You can text your pictures to 801-367-7945.

So if you have not ordered a mural, take a look in our Gallery and see if some of the ideas inspire you to order a mural of your own.

Gallery Austrailia.PNG

For those of you who have a nautical chart wallpaper mural, please share your photos with us and we will post them in the Gallery.

Inspiration awaits!

Welcome to the Gallery!