Mock-up Murals

What we do by way of custom, nautical chart murals is pretty unique – and pretty hard for some of our potential clients to envision.

After all, if you call what we do “wallpaper” as our name Nautical Chart Wallpaper implies, a repeating pattern comes to mind, as 99.9% of all wallpaper products use a repeating pattern.

And if we use the word “mural” the client’s frame of reference is a hand-painted wall.  Neither concept explains what we do in expanding an area of a nautical chart, map, or picture to dramatically fill an area of a wall.

So how do we communicate what we do?

One idea that works for both clients and the designers whom we work with involves creating a mock up. 

We either begin with an actual photograph or an artist’s rendering of the wall(s) in question.  Next comes a picture of a favorite nautical chart.  Then through Photoshop or another similar program, the two are combined to show an image of what the wall will look like when the finished product is installed.

Here’s an example.  Jared, a good friend of mine, decided to do something with his kitchen wall.  He took this picture to get suggestions for a good paint color.  But we did a quick Photoshop layout to show him how his kitchen would look with a nice view of an enlarged Cape Cod mural, and also a photograph.  The photo shown below  was provided courtesy of Sarah Butler, a Maine author and photographer.  This picture was featured in her photo essay book, Pictures of a Maine Island.

Needless to say, it is easier to SEE what our idea is rather than HEAR about the idea.

So do you have a wall that you are wondering about?  Send us a picture of the wall and the name of your favorite chart.  We can send you a mock-up to help you in your decision making.