Which comes first? Wallpaper or Paint?

A good number of our clients order a nautical chart mural as part of a larger design plan.  Whether it is remodeling a living room or bathroom, chances are there are other things happening besides a nautical mural going up. In most cases, painting is part of the plan.

So which comes first? Do you paint first, then put up the wall covering or is it mural first, then paint?

A common mistake is for the client to look at their chart, and match the paint to the color of the chart.  While that sometimes works out, it often does not.  Here is why: 

We can prepare the chart for printing and be precise about the coloring, but the printing process itself will likely result in subtle changes in color.  Also, how ink appears on chart paper is slightly different than how it appears on our professional grade wallpaper.  The differences seem very minor -- and they are -- but so are the differences in paint colors.

Therefore, what we recommend is hold off on the painting until you receive your wall covering from us.  As shown in the photo, open a roll of your mural and use a good paint deck, such as the one pictured here from Benjamin-Moore to match your color.

Whether you are trying to match the blues in the shallow water or the beige of the land, you will be pleased with the results if you wait to match the paint deck to the actual wallpaper.  

And don't forget, if you are using a Sherwin-Williams paint deck, use Sherman Williams paint.  Benjamin-Moore paint decks require Benjamin Moore paints.

You can purchase or borrow a good paint deck at your local paint store.