Fit to be Framed!

Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to Nautical Chart Wallpaper, bigger IS better!  When you are used to seeing a nautical chart in a 3’ x 4’ format, and then you walk into a room and that same chart is a gigantic 9’ H x 12’ W mural that fills an entire wall – well you really have something spectacular!

But sometimes “pretty large” works too, and you can get a positive impression by having a frame around the entire mural, like a sofa painting only much larger.

This photo comes from one of my Florida clients who wanted his cruising area above his basement bar.  The mural was small compared to my usual wall-to-wall work, but he made the mural pop by adding a “frame” to the mural.  But it really isn’t a frame, proper.

Actually the wallpaper was mounted first, then with a miter box, some cool-looking wood, he cut and stained the wood, and fastened the wood around the installed paper to make it look like it was professionally framed.  Best of all, by doing it that way rather than actually framing the huge image, he saved hundreds of dollars in the process.

So maybe you don’t have an entire wall for your mural.  But no matter where you live or work, I bet you have some room for a huge, dramatic mini-mural, suitable for economical “framing.”

What ideas do you have for a dramatic effect on your wall(s)?  Let’s talk!