Ten Years and Counting! We are Celebrating With a Sale!

We at Nautical Chart Wallpaper are happy to remind our customers that our little company is now 10 years old.  However it took 27 years of thought for it to take hold.

The idea for nautical chart wallpaper had its beginnings in 1977 when I saw a nautical chart mural of the San Juan Islands (in Washington State) painted on a CEO's huge office wall.  The detail was amazing, and it appeared to be all hand-painted.  I figured they must have used an opaque projector positioned over the chart and had an artist copy the projected details on the wall.  That reproduction of a nautical chart in wall-size proportions was indeed a magnificent job, but it had to be incredibly expensive to include all the details found in a nautical chart. 

Years passed, but I never forgot that wall.  Twenty-seven years later, in 2004, I had an idea.  What if, instead of painting a mural on a wall, it could be created with a quality wall covering?  Would it be possible to print a quality image from a nautical chart and enlarge it so that it would not be blurred or pixelated when enlarged to wall-size proportions?  I won’t bore you with the details; suffice it to say it was not easy to figure out just how to accomplish that idea and still have a quality mural.  However, with good creative help and some developments in technology, the concept worked, was affordable, and nautical chart wallpaper murals have really caught on in the years since.

So to celebrate our birthday, we are doing something we seldom do with custom murals: We are having a sale! 

Our 10-year anniversary sale will run from now through April 15th; a whole month where you can save on creating the dream mural for your home.  If you buy a mural consisting of at least 100 square feet, we will discount your purchase by $150.00. 

Contact us today at 801-367-7945 with your wall measurements, and we will give you an exact bid.

Thanks for your interest in our unique product!