Spring is Here! The 55° Rule

Coinciding with our first sale is the onset of spring.  Groundhogs and shadows, Polar Vortexes and freezing weather be damned, spring has finally arrived!  And with it, the 55° Fahrenheit rule is beginning to reign again (or, if you prefer 12.7° Celsius for our friends outside the US)!

What is the 55° rule you ask?  For sailors, when the temperature consistently dips below 55° F, nautical hibernation takes place.  Boats are winterized, as well as thoughts of sailing until spring and warmer temperatures return once again.  How warm?  I’ve found that when the outside temperature hits 55°, it is precisely the temperature where sailors begin to remember who they are and start to think about sailing again. 

Oddly enough, it is not only sailors but interior decorators and designers who are similarly awakened.  At 55° F, my phone starts ringing again with clients who wish to decorate their homes and offices with nautical chart wallpaper murals.  This happens beginning in the southern states and works its way northward with the warming weather as you might expect.

We hope you emerge from you nautical hibernation soon and give us a call.  If you do so before our sale ends on April 15, 2014, you will get a discount of $150.00 on any mural order of 100 square feet or more.  Check out last week’s blog for more details. 

I’d tell you more now, but the sun is out and I’m thinking today is a good one for doing some sanding on my sailboat!