Eye Eye, Sir!

Your favorite spot on your mural should be staring you in the face!

Your favorite spot on your mural should be staring you in the face!

When a client wants me to help them design their nautical chart murals,  I like to direct the conversation to the chart.  What is it about the chart you like?  Is there some personal reason for choosing this chart?  The answers to these question are always fascinating.  People bond with the ocean and the bays, waterways, and islands surrounding a given area.  A client may have a summer home, or have spent time at a secluded beach during their childhood.  Ask, the right question, and the reason for wanting the chart bubbles to the surface.

And that reason becomes the focal point.  My next question is about the wall itself.  What is the most visible part of the wall?  Why? Is there furniture in the room that makes one part of the wall more visible?  My job then becomes matching that part of the wall with the focal point of the chart – and making sure the height and width of the area selected in the chart match the wall!

But the key is to make sure that the focal point about five feet from the floor.  Why?  For most people, five feet is eye level.  Putting the important part of the chart at that height will help show off the very part of the chart that is most important to the client. 

Alliterative Design tip of the day - The 5 "F's":   Five Feet From Floor For Focus.