"Ocean Navigator" Navigates its way to Nautical Chart Wallpaper

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Lately we have been getting some great publicity from magazines. The latest is an excellent article written by Casey Conley for Ocean Navigator, in the September/October 2019 issue.

Ocean Navigator is an excellent magazine published out of Portland, Maine. Their target audience are sailors with plans for global voyaging and their magazine is replete with articles on weather, celestial navigation, new marine products, and stories from sailors underway in their blue-water quests.

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In short, sailing across the ocean pits the sailor and sailboat against the ocean, weather, and elements that cannot be predicted in an ocean crossing. Ocean Navigator helps the sailor level the playing field. I recommend it to sailors who are about to cast off on their voyage or those who are still in the “thinking-about-it” stage.

Anyway, their article details the history of Nautical Chart Wallpaper, how it came to be, and how to contact us for information on creating your own nautical chart mural.

Many thanks, Ocean Navigator!

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