Pleasantly Distracting Dental Patients in A Waiting Room

We have all been there. Sooner or later you have to go to the dentist for a drill and fill, maybe even — dare I say it — a root canal!

Patients of Dr. Jon Wendell’s now can get an eye-full of nautical chart wallpaper in the pediatric dentistry waiting room on this gorgeous three-wall, wrap-around mural.

Wendell 3.PNG

The subject of the Nautical Chart Mural is a chart of the Coast and a nautical map of the area where the dental office is located. What you cannot see from the mural in the second photo is the work we did to remove a map inset from the chart and, using satellite photography, create roads in place of the missing inset.

Wendell 1.PNG

You don’t get this level of work from any of our competitors, we must modestly assert!

Notice too, that all the mural is installed above the chair rail. This is a very practical approach in a room where chairs are often moved around. No matter what, the mural is protected from scuffs and other patient activity in a very busy waiting room.

Wendell 2.PNG

So often we think of our homes for logical places for nautical chart wallpaper and map wallpaper. But as you can see, the office is a splendid locale for our work.

How about you? How about replacing some of the pictures on your wall with a magnificent mural?

Just call or text us at 801-367-7945 and let’s make your waiting room worth waiting in!