Peel and Stick? How About "Stuck and Not Appealing?"

There is a sign I saw in a printing shop once:

“You want it Fast? You want it Cheap? You want it Quality? Pick two and call me back!”

When I see all the “Peel and Stick” options on the web, “cheap” seems to replace quality a lot these days.

You should know: I speak from some experience.

Peel N Stick Art.png

A few years back I ordered some peel and stick wallpaper to see how it would work. And to be fair, it worked well — for a little while. But it wasn’t long before the top right-hand corner started to bend over slightly, then more as my peel-and-stick mural began to reluctantly obey the law of gravity. Next came the left corner, following the right corner’s bad example.

I didn’t give up easily; some double-stick tape helped for a while, but then I was into thumbtacks before I used up my sailor’s hearty and voluminous vocabulary. I then ended up making a generous contribution to my city’s landfill.

Now if you are a renter and move around a lot, maybe your can afford to spend a little money for a temporary mural. If that is your case, go ahead but remember that you get what you pay for. And sometimes less.

However, our product opts for Quality over Cheap.

Our product is fairly priced, and the quality is amazing. It is NOT peel and stick, and you will need to have a wallpaper hanger install it for you, But when it is done, it isn’t going anywhere, gravity be damned! As long as your wall stays erect so will your nautical chart mural.

You want it fast? Three weeks turnaround time.

You want quality? We print on the highest professional-quality wall covering, vinyl surface with matte finish. We have been using this product for decades and our client’s love it because it adds beauty and value to their home.

You want it cheap? Well, it is not cheap, but considering the life of the product, it is very reasonably priced. In fact we haven’t changed our prices for 16 years!

Don’t wrestle with cheap-o wallpaper! Do it right the first time, and let us “go to the wall” on your behalf!