Think BIG, Artists and Photographers!

Throughout the 14 years that Nautical Chart Wallpaper has been around, I occasionally cross paths with artists and photographers whose work I admire and have purchased. I have not missed an opportunity to encourage them to "think big" and work with me in making some of their photographs, oils, watercolors masterpieces into a full-size mural. 

New York Skyline. Photo by Jonathan Riley,

New York Skyline. Photo by Jonathan Riley,

Every artist and photographer I have suggested this to has the same reaction. First, they say that they have never thought of doing so, and second, they say no thank you, they are happy with the photos and canvases that they sell already.

I'm never disappointed as it really isn't a big thing; I'm busy enough with nautical chart wallpaper murals to seriously consider opening another revenue stream.

But their reaction demonstrates just how entrenched we can be in doing things "the way we've always been doing things."

Of such thinking are many opportunities lost. 

So whether you are an artist, photographer, or a lover of nautical charts, try this little exercise to expand your mind. In your home or office, find a large blank wall. Next, pull up a chair and stare at it for a few minutes.  Ask the question: "How can I make this wall a spectacular conversation piece?"

Grand Tetons. Photo by Adrian at

Grand Tetons. Photo by Adrian at

Now ask yourself why you live where you live? Did you move here because of the mountains, a lovely view of the ocean or lake? Or the stark beauty of the desert? Is there an iconic image that you are attracted to, such as the New York skyline, or the Grand Tetons? 

Just play around with the idea and share your thoughts with us. We can make your wildest ideas come to life on the wall of your choice.

Call or text us at 801-367-7945 to get the conversation going.