The Perfect Companion to a Nautical Chart Wallpaper Mural - Nautical Pillows!

When people order a nautical chart wallpaper mural from us, you might be surprised to learn that the next question is: "Do you also do nautical chart accessories, like lampshades, curtains, and other nautical chart accessories?" But the most common query is: "Do you carry nautical chart pillows?"


And we always reply, "No, but we wish we thought of it a long time ago."

Pillow 1.PNG

Well, today we have some good news. We just learned about a company that makes excellent nautical chart pillows for every part of the country. Caron's Beach House ( ) has a great website on nautical chart pillows. 

Pillow 2.PNG

So let's say you order a nice nautical chart wallpaper mural from us of say, the Cape Cod area, and you are are thinking about accessorizing your mural room with pillows of the same area, this is the very place to look! Their pillows look as amazing as our murals!

Murals AND pillows! What a great way to "chart your course" in interior decorating!

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