A River Runs Through It

A major consideration in choosing a mural for your home is “eye path.” 

Remember back in your old college humanities class when this subject came up? In many of the great works of art, the artist would create an image which would cause the viewer to follow a certain path through the painting. If done well, you just could not help it; you would see what the artist wanted you to see, in the order he wanted you to see it!

Occasionally, the eye-path effect happens in nature.  And when a cartographer makes a map or chart of that area, eye path may not even be noticed as the goal of a map or chart is to replicate the reality of the area onto the chart.

Ah, but “art” is a big part of “chart,” if you will indulge me in a little word and letter play!

Paul Malcolm, a recent client of mine, did a bang-up job of creating an eye path using the river he lives on as the subject. 

As you can see from the photos he recently sent to me, you cannot help your eyes as they follow the river meandering across his wall, above the wainscoting. 

For me, I image myself floating down that river on a raft, Huckleberry Finn-style, enjoying the scenery, bend after bend, as the river heads into the ocean. 

Skipper Steve’s thought for the day is this: “If it moves your eyes, it moves your imagination.”  This is a mural of daydreams and many conversations with those who see Paul’s river mural.

So, can we help you launch your imagination with a mural?

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