UK Shipping costs are now OK!

Of all the orders we have taken internationally, the United Kingdom has been by far the number one country outside of the US for ordering Nautical Chart Wallpaper.

For UK clients, this has not been economical because of the high cost of shipping the finished wallpaper overseas to our clients.

Well thanks to Lori Morris, who works mostly with our designers, she has come up with an affordable solution to this problem.  She has identified a printer in the UK who will print on our favorite wallcovering DreamScape.

We consider DreamScape the best, professional-grade wall covering on the market today.  DreamScape has a vinyl surface, but a matte finish.  A wet cloth will remove a dirty smudge.  For commercial installations, it meets all fire-retardant requirements and is mildew resistant as well.

So with a local UK printer willing to work with us and UK clients, we are ready to serve our clients “across the pond.” 

The only additional task is to find a chart, preferably downloadable, or a map which can be scanned at a high-resolution.  The image can be saved to a jump drive, then forwarded to Nautical Chart Wallpaper via, a free service for sending HUGE files.

If the high cost of international shipping has been holding you back from a custom-made Nautical Chart Wallpaper mural, wait no more! Now it is easier, faster, and less expensive than ever to own a quality mural for your home or office!

Can we help get you started on your mural today?