Decorating with Nautical Chart Wallpaper

I'd like you to meet Phyllis and Melvin Nass. They are a couple with plenty of  adventures in their life and three ventures.  Their first Venture was a grape vineyard in the Finger Lakes area of upper state New York. Their second venture was owning a 42 foot Grand Banks out of Miami Florida, aptly called the "Second Venture." And as the name implies, Melvin and Phyllis had some memorable adventures on The Second Venture, sailing through Florida and Bahamas waters.

They then came ashore, and The Venture was no more.  You know sailors.  Too much time on land and they long for the  sea again.  Which brought them to their third Venture.  Melvin and Phyllis now found a way to bring their sea-going days into their home. 

It was time to decorate the bathroom!

That's when they called Nautical Chart Wallpaper and told us about their idea. They had some memorable wall decorations, but they needed find a way for it to come alive on their powder room wall.  

photo (30).JPG

So we at NCW worked with them to find the right part of a Florida - Bahamas chart to enlarge for their newly remodeled bathroom. While we were working on helping them create a mural, they went shopping to make their bathroom even more enhanced.  They had the wood name plates from the transom of Second Venture, but that wasn't quite good enough.  

The centerpiece of the room was the sink!  

A colorful, sink complete with a decorative, hand-painted ceramic fish-in-the-bowl and fish drawer pulls from McKenzie Childs of Aurora, New York.  The glass countertop has LED lights which changes color as does the waters of the sea. It came from Allied Kitchen and Bath, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

All of it came together in a bathroom like no other I have ever seen!  The photo they sent is tinted a bit blue in color, but you get the idea!  This is one fun bathroom!

Does your decorating tell a story too? What are your ideas for matching your wall covering theme to your own story?  Whatever your ideas, we can make them happen right on your walls.  Let's talk!