DIY - Do It Yourself in Design for Your Own Mural!

January, as almost everyone knows, is named after the Roman god Janus.  In Roman mythology, Janus is the god of beginnings and transition.  He is pictured as a head with two faces; one face looking back and the other looking forward.

Actually the concept of Janus is great for starting a new year.  We learn from our mistakes and strengths in the past, and then use these conclusion to make better decisions for the future.  Sort of looking both ways to cross the street, but using the past and future to do so.

In our 11-year past, Nautical Chart Wallpaper has made it our business to help the nautical minded among us create murals from our favorite nautical charts.  But lately, we have had clients who have expressed a desire to use their Photoshop skills in creating their own mural designs – nautical or otherwise.  I will feature at least one of our client’s work in the near future.

So – looking forward – let’s try something new for 2015.  If you want to design your own mural in Photoshop and turn it into a mural, we will give you a serious discount to do so - $100.00 off the total order!

But there are some minimum requirements, as follows:

·        Your mural must be created in Photoshop or a similar program at 600 dpi

·        You cannot use copyright protected images anywhere in the creation

·        You are totally responsible for the design, coloring, and layout

·        It must be a mural format – no repeating patterns (as standard wallpaper often has)

We can help you with your art to match the height to width ratio of your wall and offer suggestions at no extra charge, but this is truly DIY – Do It Yourself in the design department!

Are you interested?  Let’s see what your ideas are and prepare to have an exciting new mural in your home or office to kick off the new year!  Go to the Contact Page of this website and we can talk about your ideas.