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  • We want you to order your custom mural in as few steps as possible. The “Order Your Mural Here” section is to help toward that goal. After completing this sections, select “New Products” to choose the size of your mural. Remember to “round up to the next size. For example, if your wall is 7 feet 4 inches x 9 feet 9 inches, select “8’ x 10’.

  • When you select your mural size, you are prompted to put your purchase into a cart. You are now ready to add your payment preference and check out.

  • However, if your mural requires:

    • Color Changes

    • Changing graphics or text

    • Adding images

    • Joining to charts or maps (stitching)

    • Keeping wall obstacles (doors, windows, etc.) from eliminating important areas . . .

. . . you will need us for some special attention in creating your mural. That’s okay, but for the best results, a conversation is necessary. Here is how you can contact us:

Text or Phone: 801-367-7945


While we do not offer refunds for custom work, we do allow clients 30-day inspection time to see if there is a conflict with the printed product and the printer’s file approved by the client. In such a conflict, we will resolve the problem and reprint the order at no charge.

Our privacy policy is simple. We will not share any customer’s information with another company, client or concern. Your inquiry will be considered private and will only be used to create your wallpaper mural.

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