Choosing Your Chart

If you want a mural from a NOAA nautical chart, we now have your chart on file!  Just let us know the 5-digit chart number and your area of focus or interest within the chart.  You can find the chart number using the Map-Based Chart Locator in the "NOAA Nautical Charts" section below.  You can use just a portion of your chart for your mural, or the entire chart. 

Not interested in a NOAA chart? We will help you find a map, chart, or art for your mural and help you design your custom wall.

Photo courtesy of Kristin Paton Interiors

Photo courtesy of Kristin Paton Interiors


  • If there is a focal point in the chart that you want featured, it should be about five feet from the floor when enlarged. We will help you with that design and take care of the math needed to make the proportions correct.

  • You might also want to consider how your chart will look in contrast to the furniture in your office or den. If your room is a "busy" place, with several decorative pieces, then you might consider selecting an expanse of ocean on the chart that is simple, but elegant. On the other hand, some chart detail may provide the very centerpiece of your office decor.

  • Let's begin by measuring the height and width of your mural wall.  To make make sure the mural fits your wall(s), we will add a couple of inches in height and four inches in width to your measurements.  This will enable the paperhanger to cover your wall, and trim it to fit exactly.  


Need a NOAA Chart?

Use this Map-Based Chart Locator to find your chart online.  First, click on “Paper Charts (RNC & PDF).” Now zoom in to your area and click on the purple rectangle that includes your favorite area. When you click, the rectangle tints yellow.  To the right of the selected rectangle is a yellow bar with a 5-digit number on it.  This is the chart number we need to create your mural.

Now that you know your wall measurements, and the NOAA Chart name or five-digit number, we can create possible layouts for you to consider.

You are now ready to contact us at 801-367-7945.