Maps are Getting Hot!

While we are still hip-deep in nautical charts, our social media research indicates that “maps” is the most-used search term in finding our website. This is interesting as we are pretty good about using “charts” as our description, not “maps.”

Yet, even when using “maps” to find us, somehow our clients find us.

So maybe we should look at maps a little closer. As we do so, we find some pretty spectacular maps.

Here’s an old map of Syria that caught our eye. Note the woodcut effect on the water portions and the antique fonts.

Photo by    Annie Spratt    on    Unsplash

Check out old city maps. The older the map, the more interesting the maps look. Be sure to look for double line streets and older fonts as they really add to a map’s appearance and look even better when we produce it as a Nautical Chart Wallpaper mural — whether or not a nautical chart is actually used.

If you want a small concentration of a city map, find a library with an excellent collection of city maps, maybe even old firehouse maps. Often the librarian can help you get an excellent reproduction of the map you find interesting.

Also, when you think about it, a map is a bird’s eye view of a given area, reproduced in map form. But why not make your “map” an actual aerial photo of a given area.

Photo by  Kevin B Leigh  on  Unsplash

Here, for example is an aerial photo of Kilkenny Castle, in Kilkenny, Ireland and the surrounding river and streets. You don’t have to charter a plane for shots like these. All of the pictures in today’s news article were courtesy of and the photographers there generously donate their photos for you to use for any purpose for whatever reason — including making them into murals! We always like to give the photographer credit as we have done here. But the photos are amazing and you should check them out for maps, aerial photos, and ideas for a mural.

So whether it is a map or a nautical chart, or favorite photograph, just remember us and we will take your image and print it on the top-of-the-line wall covering, complete with vinyl surface (but a matte finish so it is not shiny) . The result is a spectacular mural with a washable surface.

Call or text us at 801-367-7945 and let’s discuss how we can make your map or chart idea come to life on your favorite wall!