Stair-well Done!

When I ask a client what walls are they considering for a mural, more often than not, a wall that is wider than it is tall comes to mind.


But tall walls can be spectacular too.

Pat Custis Fisher had that in mind when she and I designed her tall stairwell for Delaware Bay. If this mural seems familiar to you, loyal reader of my NEWS, you are right. Back in December 22, 2018 I did an article, “Don’t Look at the Fine Print” about how you can get rid of some text and insert a picture into the mural.

For Pat’s mural, we added a tall ship to her mujral in place of some small text that wasn’t important to her. You can see the tall ship hanging out in the upper right-hand corner. For more details, click on the link above.

As for style points, note that Pat’s octagonal window is reflected in the octagonal shape of her lamp, albeit her lamp is more stretched.

So what tall walls are neglected in your home or office? What forgotten wall is waiting to be discovered with a nice mural to brighten a dark corner? There are many excellent views of a chart that can be used to create a mural.

Just think “tall” and then give us a call!