New Jersey in the bath? "Shore e'nuff"

NJS Bath 2.PNG

When Lisa Cochran Nei contacted us about a New Jersey Shore theme in her bathroom, we were delighted. The chart of the New Jersey Shore takes some interesting turns with tidal flats, a splendid beach, Atlantic City, and cool bays.

Best of all, the Nei’s were using wainscoting in their bathroom which meant that we could get more area into the bathroom with a nice height-to-width ratio. In short, the chart subject was perfect for the room!

I just got these picture from Lisa, and wanted to show you how a simple bathroom becomes spectacular with nautical chart wallpaper.

NJS Bath 1.PNG

One hint I give all my clients is to get a good, paperhanger with commercial experience. You can see the results of quality in the tiny nooks an crannies of the bathroom when a paperhanger knows how to do a professional job. Check out the paper tucked into the door frame and adjoining wall, for example.

We did a bit of graphic work to make this perfect for the Nei’s and it paid off.

These days there are plenty of so-called wallpaper designers who simply crop and image and print it on low quality paper.

Not Nautical Chart Wallpaper. Your mural will be printed on the highest professional grade wall covering, in a washable surface.

NJS Bath 3.PNG

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