Kudos to Kerry!

I love to get photos from my clients! I always ask for pictures, but I know how it goes.

You get your beautiful Nautical Chart Wallpaper on your porch, get the wallpaper hanger over pronto, and get it up right away. Then, after basking in your nautical glory you invite your friends over to be amazed at your decorating acumen!

With your ears filled with your friends astonished accolades, you bid them goodnight, take another look at your mural, then have the best sleep in years — and forget all about me!

I get it, really I do!

Kerry Sullivan - Bathroom.PNG

But every now and then, one of my clients remembers me and sends some pictures that take my own breath away. Such is the case with Kerry Sullivan, who recently mailed me a picture of her washbasin alcove, complete with a mirror framed with driftwood. Now THAT’S a fine bathroom theme!


I’m predicting a very healthy year for everyone in the Sullivan family because they all will be frequently washing their hands while gazing at their nautical chart mural. Family members will find themselves spending more time at the sink, languorously, yet lethally washing cold and flu bugs down the drain.

Such are the health benefits of basking in the colorful luxury of the sink and the beautiful wallpaper mural surrounding it!

And now to answer your unspoken question: Yes, you can have a spectacular effect with your home decor by ordering a splendid wallpaper mural from us. Don’t forget, we do other types of murals too! We reward your imagination with magnificent wallpaper murals.

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