A new home for a well-known fisherman

The big news around here is my grandson Tim “Timberwolf” Major got a job at the local grocery store. On his first day he saw a cardboard stand-up display in the cardboard bundling area waiting for recycling. Knowing his gran’dad (me) would get a kick out of it, he asked the manager if he could take it home with him.

My San Juan Island mural before . . .

My San Juan Island mural before . . .

So the next thing I see when Timberwolf walks in my door is a full-size, yellow slicker adorned fisherman sailing into the breeze with his huge hands on the ship’s wheel.

I was delighted!

“Dee Dee, said you might not want this,” he said upon entering my office.

“Nonsense, I’ve just the place for him!”

.  . . and after the Gorton’s Fisherman finds new waters in which to sail.

. . . and after the Gorton’s Fisherman finds new waters in which to sail.

And now - for a little while at least - I have the Gorton’s Fisherman in front of my San Juan Island mural off in search of the Pacific waters for a change. Instead of Atlantic Cod, he is in search of Dungeness Crab, or maybe Coho Salmon.

But there is a point to be made here. Once you have a magnificent nautical chart wallpaper mural from us, almost anything looks good with it! Lobster buoys, Japanese glass floats, pictures of your favorite beach all look better with our nautical chart murals as a backdrop.

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