A Pinterest Private Sale

Last year we gave a discount to those who installed our mural in a public place. The “public place” promotion was quite successful and we nearly doubled the public places like restaurants, hotels — anywhere where the public can go to see our nautical chart wallpaper up on a nice wall!

Pinterest Logo.PNG

This time we have a special for all for our Piinterest followers. It works like this. If you follow us on Pinterest AND allow us to send you an occasional message, you are eligible for our promotion.

So let’s say you see one of our charts or perhaps a Pinterest posting that you like and choose to share with others on Pinterest.

If one of your followers or referrals purchases a wallpaper chart mural from us, we will send you a check for $50.

Whenever we receive an order in 2019, we will ask if they were referred by anyone on Pinterest. If we see your name as a follower AND you allow messaging, we will send you a $50 check as soon as the mural has been ordered and delivered.

But you also need to be sure to allow us to send you a message. Here is how you can tell.

Pinterest Promotion 1.PNG

Right now, out of 92 “followers” only 62 have their Pinterest Message enabled.

Not sure if you allow messaging on Pinterest? Ask someone who follows you on Pinterest to open their program and click on your picture under their “following” area. They should see something like the illustration above. Look for the top right-hand corner and see if you have the two boxes visible. The first box says “Message” and the second says either “Unfollow” or “Follow.” Your left box should read Message, which means we can inform you when you have $50 coming your way, and you can, in turn, privately let us know to what address we should mail your check.

We leave it up to you to figure out how to allow the Message Box to appear on your Pinterest account, as it seems to vary depending on if you are using an Android, iPhone, Laptop or Desktop computer. But don’t despair! There are a number of YouTube videos to help you.

My grandmother used to say, “It is nice to have a little “pin money” in my purse.” Well, Grandma, this year we are all about trying to get a little PINterest money in your purse.