Daydreaming at the Office? Let us Help You!

Good book, but better daydreams . . .

Good book, but better daydreams . . .

“You know, Mrs. Morris, your son Steve just isn’t meeting his potential. He spends too much time looking out the window and daydreaming . . . “

So said my second grade teacher Mrs. Snowball. (Really! That was her name!) And the same thing almost word for word was said by my third grade teacher Mrs. Gosling (Again! The name has NOT been changed) Probably gave me a healthy fear of geese in my formative years.

I could go on. But in all honesty, all of my teachers were right. I WAS a daydreamer, year in and year out, all through my school years, including college and graduate school.

Would it surprise you to know that I still am addicted to daydreaming?

But as for “not meeting my potential” I beg to differ!

The whole nautical chart business began as a daydream when I was at working working on a fundraising campaign. I saw a hand-painted nautical chart mural, and it moved me to advanced daydreaming. How could I have something like this, I wondered.

Then, years later, I wondered: “Could I have a nautical chart mural by creating my own custom wallpaper?

Awww. You guessed the answer.

Niagra Falls and Cruise Ship Disaster.png

But the point is, it all began with a daydream.

Nowadays, my daydreams are of wallpaper murals. All kinds of murals.

I evem daydream of weird stuff, then try to recreate it with my graphic software. For example, what would a mural of a cruise ship look like with its bow about to go over Niagra Falls?

Like this I suppose.

Or how about a favorite quotation from Ernest Hemingway on a scroll in a nautical chart wallpaper mural? This one isn’t my daydream; it belongs to Diamond Neeley. (Really! Diamond is his real name!) He and I created it for use in his office. (See his picture below the quotation.)

Ernest H quote.PNG

So I’m convinced that daydreaming is a wonderful thing, and that you, dear reader, need to do more of it, not less.

And that goes for you Mrs. Snowball, Mrs. Gosling and the rest of my home room teachers!

Diamond 1.PNG

What is your daydream. Want to bet me that I can’t make it into a fantastic mural on your wall? Go ahead! I dare you!

Give me a call at 801-367-7945.

I could use a good daydream right about now.