Develop Your "Mural-gination"

Okay, I’m stretching it a bit with “mural-gination.” Obviously, mural + imagination = mural-gination.

But I hear it every week when a client asks me: “Do you ever do anything else besides use nautical charts as a subject for your murals?” My answer is always the same. My job is to turn my client’s imagination into a mural, regardless of the size of the wall, or the subject.

My own mural-gination led me to nautical chart wallpaper murals. But as for subject matter, there are so much more ideas if we allow ourselves to look just a little bit harder.

For example, my wife and I LOVE Chinese Food. Last week, we checked into a Chinese Noodle restaurant, and my attention immediately went to their wall. I asked Linda if the black objects by each table reminded her of anything. “Sure, they look like boats,” she replied.

Noodle Mural With Disguised Patrons.png

My thoughts exactly. I love it when my wife agrees with me!

I took a picture of the wall, and later, I blurred the customers’ faces as I didn’t have a photo release with me at the time.

Pagoda Plain.PNG

The next step was to check into and search for “Asian River.” I found this excellent photo taken by Mattia Serrani that was perfect for this wall.

Using one of my graphics programs, I took out the bamboo light fixtures on the wall — there was plenty of light without them — and substituted Mattia’s excellent photo at sunset. Now the metal wall decor really looks likes boats floating in the river, with a reflection below.

Pagoda Sunset with boats - prospective mural.PNG

And, I must say, the mood of a Chinese restaurant would be greatly enhanced with such a mural!

I might go back and with this photo try to persuade the owner to let us do a mural for him, but for now, the idea is to stimulate your own mural-gination and discover a creative idea that is precisely your style.

Once you figure it out, call us and let us make the custom-made mural for you.

Yes, we will always do nautical chart wallpaper, but we can do other murals too! Give it some thought. Then, call us at 801-367-7945 and let’s talk about your ideas!