Quiz Time: Can You Pick GOOD Wallpaper Ideas From Bad?

This year has been a banner year for Nautical Chart Wallpaper. To find out why, lately I've been asking potential clients where they first heard about us.  The answer surprised me. You won't believe what I've learned. 

But to help, I would first like to give you a pop quiz, just three questions long. Ready? Scroll down for the first question.

Which of these is a good nautical chart mural? A or B?

Q  1.PNG













Now, question two: Which of the next two is the best nautical chart wallpaper?












Finally, a tricky question to conclude our quiz. Which is the bad wallpaper idea?


Pencils down! Let's grade your quizzes. 

If you answered "A" to all three questions, you are indeed an A student in the Interior Decorating Arts.

I'm guessing almost everyone answered A for all three questions. If you did not, ask yourself these follow-up questions:

Which of the two murals is easier to look at?

Or, which mural do you find more interesting?

The Mod Podge mess that passes for wallpaper is a temporary fad at best. Charts and maps are made to be charts and maps, not wallpaper.

Maps applied as wallpaper will often bubble, do not stay well-adhered to the wall, and from what I've read on the web, many users have resorted to thumb tacks, tacking or (groan) stapling their chart pieces to their walls when peeling inevitably begins. 

And don't forget -- Mod Podge will discolor soon, turning the chart "wallpaper" an unflattering yellow.

As the quiz should have demonstrated, Mod Podge maps as wallpaper just look bad. And I mean really bad, disjointed, conflicted, and convoluted. 

So save yourself some grief and let us help you with a mural that fills your wall with one, meaningful, enlarged image printed on our moisture friendly, mildew resistant wallpaper -- and treat your room to a professional look.

Now for the answer to why our business is so good lately? The arts-and-crafts crowd has now seemed to realize how temporary their paste-the-chart-on-the-wall really is. They liked the idea of nautical charts on the wall, and whenever they look for a company to do the wallpaper professionally, we show up online, near the top of the search engines.

A similar phenomenon has happened to us before, when Ralph Lauren cancelled their nautical chart wallpaper, and we got several referrals from folks looking for their paper. Now it is the arts-and-crafts crowd seeking a more permanent solution for displaying nautical chart murals in their home or office that brings them to us.

In any case, regardless of how you found us, we are delighted to help you achieve your mural ideas. Call us at 801-367-7945  or contact us online and let's talk about your project!