A Nook With Nautical Chart Impact

I can help my clients create murals for another 14 years and I'll never get over how clever they are on their home decorating ideas.

A good example of this is Rhonda, who knows how to make her mural come alive with lighting and color. 

Rhonda's Mural.PNG

The lighting is simple: a little lamp with a lampshade that matches the color of the land and a beautiful base the color of the cabinets below -- tying it all together. 

Rhonda's Schooner.PNG

We love to help with large murals, of course, but a small mural can make a big impact if you have the right place for it. Rhonda did, and you can see how very splendid the result was.

I'd also like to share a view from Rhonda's home that she shared with me and believe me, this photo would make a wonderful mural!

(Don't forget that we do photo murals, satellite murals, topographical murals and more!)

Time to take another look at YOUR nook?

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