Will the real revere pewter please stand up!

So I recently got back from Arizona visiting with my daughter’s family and had a marvelous time with her, my son-in-law and grand kids! A very nice break from Nautical Chart Wallpaper indeed!

But you know me. Everywhere I go I notice walls, with and without murals on them. It so happened that I noticed that my daughter painted the walls since I last saw her. She told me that she painted her walls Revere Pewter, a Benjamin-Moore color.

Now I’m familiar with Revere Pewter as I have had to match that color in wallpaper on more than one occasion. But it is tricky. And here is why matching paint colors to murals is so challenging.

The one color can look dramatically different depending on how the light hits the color.

Paul Revere would be surprised to see 14 different colors out of one “Revere Pewter” color!

Paul Revere would be surprised to see 14 different colors out of one “Revere Pewter” color!

Here’s a good example of what I mean. I took a photo of her wall and cropped it down for the purpose of illustration. Below the picture is a swatch of Revere Pewter. But notice that there are 14 red arrows showing the same Revere Pewter, but with different aspects of the same color!

So which is the “true” Revere Pewter? Phew! You got me!

I think is the best way to go about your decorating approach is to order your mural FIRST, BEFORE you do any painting. Once the mural is installed, use your paint swatches or the ColorSnap tool from Sherwin-Williams to find the best color matches to the selected color(s) in your mural. But do this at different times of the day when the light on your wall appears differently. Use your electric lighting to examine the swatches. Try the swatches without any indoor lighting. After finding out which swatches look the best in different lighting situations, THEN — and only then — pick your color and do the painting.

Pardon the pun, but you will “revere” your decorating prowess much more by following this shady advice and calling Nautical Chart Wallpaper to discuss your project.

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