Welcome to the Captain's Office!

Every now and then an interior designer or a client will envision a masterpiece. Sometimes I get to work with that visionary to make a masterpiece of a mural come to life and inspire others to do their own creations.

Beth  - Wall 1.PNG

Such is the case with Beth Champlin, Owner of Expressive Interiors in Medway Massachusetts, who worked with me to make her client’s office come alive with a fantastic application of nautical chart wallpaper murals. So good is the work Beth and I did that, for the first time, I will show you EVERY VIEW of an office installation.

Beth - Wall 3.PNG

What makes this office remarkable, is how it lays out. Every wall and every view stands on its own as a perfect balance of land to water, and comes replete with multiple eye paths for the viewer. In this view to the left of the door, we even simplified the chart details to match the level of detail on the rest of the murals. More on this work at the news article, Too Much “Information,” from August 31, 2018: https://bit.ly/2MEYuo9

Beth - Wall 4.PNG

For an office in which productive work is to be done, the danger is that too much daydreaming by looking at the walls is possible if not likely!

Let’s see if you agree. I’ll begin with the behind-the-desk view and work around clockwise until you see the whole office.

Beth - Wall 8.PNG

Besides the murals, see how Beth Champlin used an off-white color with warm browns, reminiscent of the white hulls of a boat and the brown decks of a ship to achieve a nautical ambiance. Notice how she used stainless-steel cleats as handles for the drawers!

Beth - Wall 2.PNG

Beth’s touches makes me feel that when I am coming into this office I should be “piped aboard” from a boatswain’s whistle rather than simply walking in the door!

So are you ready for your own voyage into this kind of decorating?

Permission to come on board is granted! Call or text us at 801-367-7945 and we’ll toss off the dock lines for you and, instead of hoisting a sail, we’ll hoist (with some help from a paperhanger) a magnificent mural onto your wall!