Let there be light -- wall wash style

Let’s say you order a mural from Nautical Chart Wallpaper. (A very good decision indeed!)

Now you have the mural installed, but maybe it doesn’t “pop” as much as you had hoped. What should you do?

You would be very smart to redo your light source to wall wash lighting.

Wall Washer Light.PNG

What is Wall Wash Lighting?

Wall Wash lighting is essentially the opposite of spot lighting where a spot light narrows a beam of light onto an object of focus such as a painting or an object of art. Because the entire mural is the object of art, you will want to have your lighting evenly illuminate the entire wall.

This is accomplished with wall washer lighting. Illustrated here, courtesy of Home Depot is a wall washer light. For the purpose of this news article, I picked one with a five-star rating, which still comes in at a modest price. This ceiling-mounted light is angled to wash the mural wall with light, making it a well-illuminated conversation piece.

Need a nautical chart wallpaper mural? Have your wall washer illumination in place?

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Now you’re seeing the light!