Welcome to "Wains World"!

For 15 years we at Nautical Chart Wallpaper have managed to keep our prices where we started: $10 per square foot. It has been challenging, but realizing that custom wallpaper is more pricey than off-the-shelf wallpaper, we do what we can to get nautical chart murals into the homes and offices of those who want them.

But for some clients, doing a wall from ceiling to floor and wall to wall just is too costly.

So welcome to Wains-world, and the misspelling is intentional. I mean “wains” as in wainscoting.

Tara - Finished 1.PNG

Tara Farris is a client of ours who wanted to do a mural above the wainscoting in her bathroom. In her case, a subway tile look really sets off the mural above her wainscoting.

The mural is the coastline near her home waters in Middleneck Virginia.

Tara - Finished 2.PNG

A concern Tara had was her window. She did not want her window to cover up any land or water areas important to her. In the mock-ups we sent to her, we sketched in the window as a transparent rectangle so she could see if was okay to remove that section of the chart when it came time to paste up the wall covering.

Cost of Wainscoting

Of course there is a cost to wainscoting and you might want to shop a bit for the best price and look for your room. Remember that the height of the wainscoting can vary according to your taste. The rule of thumb is that wainscoting is a third of the total height of your wall.

What do you think? Are you ready an affordable mural and a trip to “Wains World?”

Call us a 801-367-7945 and let’s talk about your project.