My Beautiful Mistake

My poor mother. Every parent-teacher conference she heard the same thing: "You son shows potential but he just doesn't listen carefully."

Well, my teachers were right. And in the sixty-plus years since, I have REALLY tried to listen better, especially with clients I visit with on the phone a couple of thousand miles away from me. And Mom, you would be proud of me; generally, I do listen and get orders right.

But this week I blew it -- beautifully I might add!

Chesapeake Blue 1.PNG

My client Elaine Bowman of Village House asked me to make a color change; she wanted Benjamin-Moore's Sheer Romance No. 837. 

So I asked my graphics expert Kathryn to make the change. "Make all the colors Sheer Romance 837 except those areas in white." As you can see, it yielded quite a cool result.

But it wasn't what the client ordered!

Eliane simply wanted the blue shallow waters of a NOAA chart to be changed to the new blue color.  That way, it goes with the other color elements in the client's room.

Oops!  Thank heavens that I have a two-step proofing procedure to catch mistakes BEFORE going to print!

But everything is okay, we WILL get it right this time. And I WILL do a better job listening from now on. At least until my next beautiful mistake!

But for you, gentle reader, you will not make a mistake in working with Nautical Chart Wallpaper, because we keep at it until your mural is perfect for you before going to print!

Call us at 801-367-7945 and we'll make your mural dreams come true -- with NO mistakes!