Multiple Walls from one chart

When a new client contacts us, they often have the idea that for each wall they do, say in a bathroom, they will need a new chart.

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth!

We can almost always find several views from one chart and make it work for our clients.

Here is a project we are working on now. The client loves the Shelter Island chart and has three walls. Wall A, represented by the red line, has a vanity in it to the left. Wall C, directly across the room has no obstacles and is represented by a blue line. The door wall, Wall D, has a narrow wall to the right of the door and an area across the top of the door that needs a mural.

With only a little overlap between views, all three walls have an interesting view of a portion of the chart. 

What chart captures your interested? Go to the "Getting Started" page of our website, click on "Map-based Chart Locator" and choose the perfect chart for your home or office mural.

Then call us and let us make your idea come to life on your wall!