The "55° F Rule" is Arriving!

There is a rule we discovered long ago which I like to call The 55° F Rule.  Put simply, when the weather reaches 55° Fahrenheit, then sailors come out of hibernation, take the tarps off their boats, wash off the dust of winter, and prepare to cast off their dock lines.  

This behavior marks the end of winter and the beginning of boating season. This dockside activity is defined less by the calendar and more by the thermometer. 

On the east coast of the United States where more than 90 percent of our clients are located, the 55° F Rule begins in the southern states and starts its annual climb northward to Maine and beyond.

That rule, coincidently, marks the beginning of our busy season in creating nautical chart murals.  Why? We don't know. Perhaps it is the time when sailors pull out their various rolled-up charts and begin to plan this year's voyages, 

But just maybe, when they are looking at their charts, the idea crosses their mind that it would be VERY cool to have their favorite sailing area made into a nautical chart mural. And the next step is to Google "nautical chart wallpaper" or "nautical chart murals" or whatever the search term.  And when that happens, we come right to the top because we have been doing this for 14 years -- long before there was such a thing as custom-made wallpaper. We pioneered it.  

The good news for you is that because of our long tenure in this venture, "nobody does it better" (to quote a James Bond movie).  

We can do whatever you imagine. Need a vector file? We can do it! Color changes? We do it with precision, using Benjamin-Moore color collections to give you the precise color.  Have obstacles on the walls?  We will provide layouts that will show you where your mirrors, doors, sconces, windows, etcetera will be located on your mural BEFORE you order your mural.

And we produce your mural on the top-of-the-line wall covering, which is the best quality money can buy. Our product is substantial in thickness, has a vinyl finish, and is easy to clean if smudges appear should dirty hands proudly show you where they love to sail!

Best of all we have not raised our prices in 14 years.  

It's getting warm.  Let's go sailing and order some nautical chart murals, folks!