Customizing is our Custom

When we started Nautical Chart Wallpaper 14 years ago in 2004, there was only one other company doing custom wallpaper.  And in a few years, they were out of business. 

Now there are all kinds of businesses doing custom wallpaper work, but that fact remains that we not only have done this longer, we really do better than our competition.

Take our last clients for example. Neal and Donna Lewanda wanted a small mural of Cape Ann for the bathroom, but it was important to have it sized so that both Rockport and Gloucester were clearly visible.

But that wasn't all.

They also wanted:

  • A cartouche showing his wife as the designer
  • Some distracting text removed from the land
  • The words "North Atlantic Ocean" moved from another part of the chart into their mural.

That's not what we call "custom!" 

These items do not sound like much, and for us, it really is all in a day's work. But every custom wallpaper company besides ours doesn't do this. They will crop your chart in making a mural to fit your wall, but that's all they will do. 

We realize who the boss is. You, the client, are the boss, and our job is to make the image you imagine appear precisely as you want it in a mural. Color changes, image changes, text changes are part of the package.

Why not try out your imagination today, and order a nautical chart wallpaper mural for your home or office.  

We imagine you will have the perfect idea!