Your corner of the world made into your custom mural

When we started Nautical Chart Wallpaper fourteen years ago, the idea was to make it easy for our clients to have the mural they envisioned appear on their wall with as little work as possible from their end. Our goal was simple. They do the measuring, give us the idea and we would produce the mural and have it delivered to their doorstep. 

NOAA Nautical Chart of Elliott Bay and Seattle

NOAA Nautical Chart of Elliott Bay and Seattle

Today, more quality images are found digitally, our graphic software has improved significantly, and our murals are better than ever.

We also have more ways to make murals of your favorite area though nautical charts which you might expect with "Nautical Chart Wallpaper" as the name of our business implies.

But if you are landlocked, there are other options. City Maps, topographical maps, satellite images are all possible now and can be modified in any color arrangement you like.

So let's try an experiment. Just send us just two things, via email ( or text (801-367-7945) or call (same number):

  1. The height and width of your mural area
  2. The street address, city, and state of wherever you live
A Topographical Map of South Seattle

A Topographical Map of South Seattle

We will then give you an assortment of images from which you might choose for a mural, and the cost of your mural, with no obligation to buy anything. If you like what you see, we can take your payment and have the mural to your doorstep in three weeks or less.

So show us your corner of the world with your street address, city, and state.  We will show you some mural ideas that will be amazing.