A Stairway to Heaven

Well, maybe NOT heaven, but "heavenly" is an apt description of how Nautical Chart Wallpaper tackles stairway murals.  

But it can be "hellish" for some to calculate the rise and tread of a stairway, finding the focal area, and many other problems that are not encountered in a simple rectangular mural.  For us, we love the challenge, and the opportunity to work with our clients to achieve the dramatic stairway of their dreams.

Introducing Tony Corneo, who wanted a stairway mural of Pensacola Florida, and on the backside of the second level, a chart mural of Lake Michigan.

Tony's letter says quite a bit about how we like to work with our clients. It reads:

Good morning.  I have attached pics of the NOAA wallpaper. It turned out fantastic...the dimensions, quality, and expert fit gave it a wow factor. We are very, very pleased.

Thank you, Steve. I know we spent a lot of time on the phone. Going over and over these pictures to get it just right…..then doing it again really paid off.  And it’s finally up!

Thank you, Gordon and Gordon [the paperhangers pictured below]. I was lucky to have found such experienced individuals who know the product, patience of application and expectations of a great job.


Tony and Susan Cornejo



The take-home message for us at Nautical Chart Wallpaper is all about frequent communication in the layout process.  For each of our clients, we send several layouts back and forth in order to get the image, focal point and impact to the client's exacting expectations.  


We also encourage our clients to get the best paperhangers they can find who have experience in hanging larger-than-usual panels of wallpaper.  Commercial experience is preferred.  The two gentlemen in the picture are key to making our work successful.  Many thanks, Gordon and Gordon!

The result speaks for itself.


So are you ready to emulate the lyric in the Led Zepplin anthem " . . . and she's buying a stairway to heaven?"

Just know that we can provide "heavenly" at down-to-earth prices.