I'm ready for my closeup, Skipper Steve

Okay movie buffs, remember what Gloria Swanson said in the last line of the 1950's movie "Sunset Boulevard?" Give up? It was: "All right Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my closeup."

Let's face it. Often, the closer you look, the worse things appear!

Expansion of a small area within a chart to a full-size wall can be challenging as well. Especially when the job requires expansion to the point where lines and letters appear jagged. This kind of image is the result of being rasterized and it composed of pixels which, upon extreme closeups, look jagged.  The more enlarged the image, the more jagged the result.

For many jobs, the rasterized image looks just fine. But here is an example of some work we are doing for the Boston Marketing Center.  The designer ordered a comprehensive color change and then wanted samples with the color work on it.  To do this, I calculated the amount of magnification needed for the proof sheet so that the client will see exactly how it will look on the wall.

Problem was, at that level of expansion, the pixels become altogether too large and jagged to look good.  This really shows up in letters at a slant and in curved lines.

To fix the problem, we had to graphically turn the image into a vectored file.  With a vectored file, there is no limit to how big an image may be expanded. You can see the difference in the second image.

This is just another reason why you should order murals from us and no one else. Most of our competitors will not venture into this extra process.  

We want your mural to look magnificent on your wall, and that sometimes means extra graphic work to make your closeup look amazing with a vectored image.

Let us help you order your nautical chart mural today.

We may be far away in the northwest, but we do excellent work close up!