The ins and outs of outsourcing

This blog is just for interior designers. 

No one appreciates the work an interior designer does more than we do. We work with interior designers every day at Nautical Chart Wallpaper, and we really know how hard you work for your clients.  

We also know that a nautical chart mural is just one element of your overall design concept. What about the color in the charts?  Does your decorating palette work well with the standard colors in a Nautical Chart? How can an enlarged image of a nautical chart on the wall enhance your interior plan?

The answer is simple: Let us help you, by outsourcing some of your work to us.

Here are just a few ways we can help.


We have our graphic programs coordinated with the Benjamin-Moore Color Collections. This means if the color of the land or water in the chart doesn't work with your palette, All you need to do is look in the Benjamin-Moore color deck and choose the precise color(s) you want.  Just let us know the name of the collection, the name of the color, and it's number.  Everything you need is on the swatch.  

We can also make the chart look aged or weathered. Anything you can imagine in color, we can do.

A brand-new chart with a very old look. Just one of many color treatments possible.

A brand-new chart with a very old look. Just one of many color treatments possible.


Your client likely has an area of importance to him/her in the chart area. Maybe a summer home, or a cove where your client, as a youthful pirate, searched for buried treasure. We can make sure that this focal area is at eye level when the mural is viewed.

We can also assure that the objects on the wall do not cover up important areas to the client.  


We can use your elevations and place the chart on the elevation for presentation to your client. Several different layouts are often necessary to get the layout just right for your clients, and we are happy to do as many as needed.

In short, interior design work is stressful.  Let us ease your stress by helping you prepare an amazing nautical chart mural for your client!