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I usually talk about sailing or nautical chart murals on this blog, but today, a change of pace. Now that Halloween and  Thanksgiving are behind us, let's talk about Christmas.

For our part, I put up the Christmas lights, and Linda is working on this year's theme of a Christmas tree, a woodland Christmas. Decorations of squirrels, foxes, chipmunks, raccoons, and deer peer out of the well-lit branches and pine cones. This Christmas promises to be one for the memory books!

Photo courtesy of Les Anderson,

Photo courtesy of Les Anderson,

The older we get, the better Christmas is to celebrate. We keep gift giving to a minimum, but it is the lights, music, and memories of Christmases long ago that add the warmth to our celebration.

If you are as old as me, you may recall Christmas in the Fifties. The sugar cookies mom would bake and I would help decorate were a big part of the fun. Tinsel was the main decoration on the Christmas tree, and to do it right, you would anchor one end of the tinsel strands in the pine needles and let the rest hang down straight.  Done correctly, the tinsel would reflect the various lights on the tree, making it all the more magical. 

All of this leads me to a Christmas wish I have for all of you:

Photo courtesy of Kari Shea,

Photo courtesy of Kari Shea,

Break out your old photo albums, including the ones your parents and grandparents kept. After shutting down the TV, tablets, and smartphones, open those albums up one evening with your kids and grandchildren and talk to them about those wonderful days of Christmas when you were a kid their age. Show them pictures of you when you were learning all about how wonderful Chrismas is. Let them know about the Spirit of Christmas, and helping others less fortunate. 

For those of you of Christian faith, tell the story of the first Christmas, and how it all began away in a manger, long ago. For those of different faith, share your spirituality with your family.

Most importantly, express the love of your family while you still have the opportunity. Time is fleeting. Who knows how many Christmas are left to celebrate for us? This season, Christmas 2017, teach your kids how to celebrate this joyous time together and have fun as a family.

I know we will.

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Steve and Linda Morris, Kathryn Tyler

Photo by  on  Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash