A Taste of East in the West

You, the kind and gentle reader who has followed these articles for several years, know that I am constantly perplexed about why almost all my clients live in the east. Yes, from the Great Lakes and down the eastern seaboard to Florida and the eastern part of the Gulf Coast, reside all of you who have purchased nautical chart murals from Nautical Chart Wallpaper.

There have been some west coast exceptions, of course.  But all totaled, there have been less than 10 orders on the west coast, while hundreds of orders come from the east.

So you can imagine my enthusiasm when Russell Deutsch in San Jose ordered a mural for his restaurant, Lobster Xpress. 

Lobster buoys.PNG

Finally, I'd be doing a mural of the San Francisco Bay! Or maybe Big Sur. Or Monterey Bay. 

But no.

Russell, who understands what side his bread is buttered on (and where the lobster goes) when making Lobster Rolls, wanted a mural of the fishing grounds for lobster.

Yep, even in California, the lobsters still come from the East Coast, from Nova Scotia south. 

Lobster Chart.PNG

Seriously, we were delighted to help Russell design and print his mural. We were so excited to have a West Coaster order from us that we even drove down from our home in the panhandle of Idaho to his San Jose, California shop,  just to take some pictures! Well that, and to go to Disneyland and then to Utah to see our kids and grandkids.

Lobster Landing.PNG

But we were excited to see how he decorated his restaurant to capture the essence of East-Coast lobster fishing.  As you can see, there are plenty of lobster trap buoys, a lovely landscape picture of a fisherman's landing and, of course, our mural.

And the lobster rolls were the very best I've ever had! 

So while nautical murals are just starting to become popular on the West Coast, we are truly grateful to have helped our many clients on the east coast make their mural dreams come true!

How about you? Are you ready to talk about a mural for your own home or office? Give us a call at 801-367-7945 and let's talk! 

And for a tasty lobster roll go to Lobster Xpress, close to Stanford University. Check them out at their Facebook page:. http://bit.ly/2y3rQUQ