Topos: the topic of conversation

Lately my clients have been moving inland with their wallpaper mural desires.  Our latest example of this is Rachael Lewis who lives in upper state New York, near Syracuse.  Her area of interest is located in a topographical map called the Marcellus Quadrangle.  Rachael wanted her powder room to display the area in a topographical map of her home town and surrounding area.

What you see is just that - but in a historical topo context. In other words, the topo is presented as a bit of a historical look, using the appearance of an older topo, but having it up to date.  

The historical look has more of a green tint to it than later topos show, but that is precisely the look she needed for her powder room.

In the last couple of months, we have had five clients wanting topographical murals. I'm suspecting that this could be an emerging trend.

Do you have an area that might look great with a topo map?  Give us a call at 801-367-7945 and we'll explore the possibilities with you.

We are still called Nautical Chart Wallpaper, but topos still fit into our original concept as they are conversation starters much like nautical charts are.