Making Sure on the Shore!

One of the major concerns of our clients is to make sure the important areas in their mural their mural isn't eclipsed by a room feature, such as a table, bookcase or television.

Paul Soames is a good example of how we work with a client to make sure they see what the want to see behind their furnishings.

How we did this was quite simple: Paul took a picture using his smart phone, then sent us the picture via text.  He was careful to take the picture straight on, which eliminated any keystoning.

Paul then told us the portion of the Jersey Shore that he wanted on his wall. We sent back various views of his nautical chart in the exact height-to-width ratio of his wall.  Once he was happy with the mural as a whole, he wanted to make sure the Jersey Shore was not obliterated by his television set.  All we did was take the picture he sent, make it partially transparent, superimposed the two images and sent it back to him.  As you can see, his shoreline was clear to the viewer.

And this was the final result! Did it meet Paul's expectations? Shore 'nuff!