Somewhere in Time

Time travel is a popular theme in the movies. Who could forget "Somewhere in Time," or "Back to the Future"? 

Well, imagine my surprise to learn that topographical maps can essentially take you back in time by a hundred years or more?  Thanks to the USGS, they have historical maps of many of your favorite areas.

I am now working with a client who lives on Lake Ariel in Pennsylvania. Now if she were to get a mural with the latest Topo of Lake Ariel for a mural, it would look like this:

Pretty cool with the shading that gives the topo a 3-D look, right? But that's not what she wants.

Instead, she found an old map and wondered if we could reproduce it. Unfortunately it was a printed map that didn't enlarge well. But by using the USGS historical map, we found the image of the map she originally sent to us, and in color! This old Topo even uses elevation lines in the lake. The old-style fonts also add to the historical look at this map drawn in the early 1900's.

How about you? Got an area that would look good on your wall with a historical - or current - topographical map? Give us a call. At Nautical Chart Wallpaper, we do more than nautical charts. Anything you can imagine, we pretty much can do!

We can even take you back somewhere in time!