Making a "great room" greater with a nautical chart mural

Wendy Haughton is one of my clients in Chester, Connecticut, and has a huge wall in the great room of her home that begged for some decorating.  Because she lives on Long Island Sound, she thought a huge mural of the sound would be perfect, along with a Block Island mural.

She also sent pictures of the wall before we delivered the custom-made mural and then sent pictures of the wall after the nautical chart mural was installed. 

I think you’ll agree the results are outstanding!

I’d also like to add my personal thanks to Wendy as many of our clients forget to send us pictures after the mural is up.  I know you would like to see them, so I’ll keep reminding my clients on your behalf.

Wendy also sent a photo of the mural at night, illuminated with her two sconces.  This makes for a dramatic effect.

Notice Block Island to the right of the upstairs door.  The door sets Block Island up as a separate “canvas” and makes for a wonderful conversation piece in her great room.

Are you ready to do something dramatic in decorating?  Give Nautical Chart Wallpaper a call or send us an email via your smartphone or our "Contact" page, and let us give you some nautical chart mural layout ideas that are custom-made for your home or office.